[plt-scheme] arglist-on-space?

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Tue Aug 11 00:29:56 EDT 2009

On Aug 10, Lee Spector wrote:
> Thanks for expanding on the documentation possibilities -- probably
> not the path I want to go down right now but good to know. I guess
> the easy access to documentation in Common Lisp comes from the way
> that definitions can include doc-strings which, under the right
> compiler options, remain linked to the symbols at runtime.

The problem is more substantial than that.  In PLT, the arguments are
not as straightforward as they are in CL.  There was some discussion
about this not too long ago, see the thread around this message:


Also, you might want to look at using the Geiser thing.

> Robbie's note straightened me out on modules enough for now, but
> I'll have to look into this more. Many of my programs run other
> programs (e.g. because they are programs for evolving programs), and
> I'll have to think about what this means in the PLT context. FWIW
> Common Lisp's module mechanisms never do what I want either, but
> I've learned how to avoid them :-)

1. PLT has a module system -- that's quite different than packages in
   Common Lisp.

2. If your goal is something like genetic programming, then you might
   need to use namespaces after all -- with some form of `eval' to
   translate source code into executable code.  Another thing that
   might be relevant here is the scheme/sandbox library (see the
   documentation for that.)

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