[plt-scheme] SLaTeX: getting it to work

From: Bas Steunebrink (bass at cs.uu.nl)
Date: Wed Nov 5 09:01:11 EST 2008


Judging from http://docs.plt-scheme.org/slatex-wrap/, running SLaTeX 
sounds very easy. So I made a test file and typed in DrScheme:

(require slatex/slatex-wrapper)
(slatex "D:\\mydir\\quick.tex")

However, hitting 'run' produces:

SLaTeX v. 20050609
typesetting code[quick.tex]done
. . collects\slatex\slatex-wrapper.ss:37:16: latex: could not find latex 
binary: "latex.exe"

I have MiKTeX installed and use WinEdt daily, which has no trouble 
finding latex binaries. How does one direct SLaTeX to these binaries?

Kind regards,

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