[plt-scheme] word completion for module based languages

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Tue May 20 20:53:39 EDT 2008

On May 20, Robert Matovinovic wrote:
> I currently use DrScheme, version on Windows
> XP to add documentation for a module based language which I
> implemented as a tool.  I started with a simple example using my own
> modules. The F1 shortcut to get the relevant docs for an item from
> within the DrScheme window works fine.  But is there a possibility
> to get only the help documents for the current language?

It might be possible to do, I'm not sure about the kind of information
that DrScheme has when it starts a help search.  (FWIW, the `help'
form (in mzscheme) finds the right place for any binding.)

(Skipping other issues that I cannot provide a helpful reply...)

> Another point just for information. I downloaded the pre-release exe
> and installed it without problem. But pressing F1 in DrScheme always
> raised an error, that the path .../doc/handin-server/out.sxref
> doesn't exist.

Yes, that's a known problem.  I'm currently working on a solution.
(The reason that it takes time is that it is part of a bigger problem
regarding the html documentation.)

> Well, that was true. The handin-server documentation will be
> installed in the user environment but it wasn't. Could it be that it
> wasn't installed because I have my programs on C: but my documents
> and settings folder on D:?

No.  The problem is that the handin-server documents are just not
included in the distribution (they cannot be included, since they're
in a user directory).

> I just deleted the scribblings flag which was set to user-doc in the
> info.ss and let run setup-plt. Now it works fine. But may be there
> are implications I don't know about.

Even if you didn't remove it, running setup-plt would have generated
the docs (in your user directory), so things would be fine.

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