[plt-scheme] word completion for module based languages

From: Robert Matovinovic (robert.matovinovic at web.de)
Date: Tue May 20 14:14:38 EDT 2008

I currently use DrScheme, version on Windows XP to
add documentation for a module based language which I implemented as a tool.
I started with a simple example using my own modules. The F1 shortcut to get
the relevant docs for an item from within the DrScheme window works fine.
But is there a possibility to get only the help documents for the current

The other point is word completion. I only get word completion in Pretty Big
or R5RS however I do not get my own definitions as choices. With my own
language I don't get any word completions at all (... no completions
available). What am I doing wrong? I already asked that some months ago and
assume the feature is built in now.

I also found that for my language I want to hide the module paths in the
documentation, because I don't want to bother the user with such details.
But omitting the @defmodule declaration underlines every definition red. It
is a minor problem, but perhaps there is a solution I don't know yet.

Another point just for information. I downloaded the pre-release exe and
installed it without problem. But pressing F1 in DrScheme always raised an
error, that the path .../doc/handin-server/out.sxref doesn't exist. Well,
that was true. The handin-server documentation will be installed in the user
environment but it wasn't. Could it be that it wasn't installed because I
have my programs on C: but my documents and settings folder on D:? I just
deleted the scribblings flag which was set to user-doc in the info.ss and
let run setup-plt. Now it works fine. But may be there are implications I
don't know about.

Finally I agree with others about the new look and smaller icons of the IDE,
I like them.

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