[plt-scheme] newbie:howto use package=control.plt&owner=soegaard

From: Larry Evans (cppljevans at suddenlink.net)
Date: Mon Jun 16 00:28:03 EDT 2008

I started in DrScheme, version 4.0, with language=Module.

Then, after reading:


and doing as *I think* it said
(i.e.type following in definitions window):

  	(require (planet "control.scm" ("soegaard" "control.plt" 1 2)))

then hit 'Run' I got some error message about modules or something.
So, I switched language=Module and tried again.  This time I got:

Welcome to DrScheme, version [3m].
Language: Advanced Student custom.
Teachpack: master.ss.
lib: standard-module-name-resolver: collection not found: 
#<path:private/match> in any of: 

in the interaction window.  How do I use this library.

BTW, although the above error message mentioned ./plt-scheme/*
there's no such directory.  However, there is directory:


Have I got the setup wrong somehow?


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