[plt-scheme] Fonts with proper angle brackets

From: Pekka Karjalainen (p3k at iki.fi)
Date: Fri Jun 13 16:15:44 EDT 2008

I had a little trouble getting the ⟩ and ⟨ entities to
display in the PLT documentation. It turns out none of the default
fonts in my Windows XP installation has them, so I had to find a font
that does.

These stand for left and right angle bracket, and are used in syntax
descriptions. It can be quite annoying to see boxes or question marks
in their place. Fortunately there are several fonts that have them.
I'm posting this note in the hope it'll save someone else some time
hunting for a proper font.

So, here is a list of various free fonts from a Wikipedia talk page.


Search the page for the word 'Aboriginal' (which is part of two of the
fonts' names).

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