[plt-scheme] testing scrbl work-in-progress in local svn area

From: Yavuz Arkun (yarkun at gmail.com)
Date: Sat Feb 9 21:57:18 EST 2008


I am a Linux newbie, so take all this with a fistful of gourmet salt:

1. Wouldn't executing ./setup-plt in the svn directory run the svn 
version? Assuming setup-plt runs relative to its installation 
directory, that should take the PATH out of equation.

2. Maybe temporarily reexporting PATH with the path-to-svn might be an 

3. If you are using Linux >2.4, I think you might be able to 
(temporarily) mount the directory where the svn version is onto the 
directory where the normal version is (temporarily masking it):

	sudo mount --bind <path-to-svn-version> /usr/local/plt

then work on the docs, and

	sudo umount <path-to-svn-version>

after you are done.

4. You can also run scribble executable against the .scrbl document. 
This produces a version that does some of the global links screwed up, 
but its good enough for checking the formatting etc.

Hope this helps more than it confuses,

Geoffrey S. Knauth wrote:
> I'm working on converting a doc.txt to a doc/manual.scrbl, but I'm doing 
> this in my svn workspace [1], not in /usr/local/plt, where PLT lives 
> after I do a "make install".  If I run setup-plt, my PATH conjures 
> /usr/local/plt/bin/setup-plt, which does all its work in /usr/local/plt, 
> which is not where my work is.  How do I run setup-plt in my svn area so 
> I can test my scribbling?

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