[plt-scheme] query mysql from scheme

From: Sigrid Keydana (keydana at gmx.de)
Date: Mon Dec 22 16:29:57 EST 2008

Hi all,

can you please give me a hint what is the preferable way to access a
mysql database with plt?

Doing a search on the web, I found

- the sqlid.plt package on Planet, by Hans Oesterholt , but it does not
include a mysql driver, at least not in the current version, so I
suppose I cannot use it?

- the mysqlclient.ss from riverbot, which I don't know will work with
PLT 4?

My requirements regarding sql queries are very humble, just simple
selects and updates, and I'd like to use PLT 4, not 3, to get used to
the changes (which don't seem too trivial if you're still a scheme

I'd be grateful for a hint which might be the easiest/stablest/most
"out-of-the-box" way to use mysql in scheme, as this is only a marginal
(but inevitable) part of the application.

Thanks a lot in advance

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