[plt-scheme] Google APIs

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Thu Dec 18 23:26:05 EST 2008

On Dec 18, Geoffrey S. Knauth wrote:
> On Dec 18, 2008, at 22:43, Eli Barzilay wrote:
> > the pieces are all there -- and it probably wouldn't be hard to
> > improve it and even come up with some google api library (I got
> > the impression that most of the google apis are very similar and
> > uniform).  So I'm posting it in case someone is interested in
> > doing such work...
> This is great.  I'll give it a whirl.  At the moment, I have to go
> in the other direction: I have a MySQL database of local pilots,
> which originally started as a spreadsheet, and I was about to create
> a Google spreadsheet so the association's Board could look at the
> data.  Maybe I can use your API to upload the data,

Well, uploading data is possible in the api, but I didn't implement
it.  In any case, sounds like uploading data is a one time thing for
what you need, and there are lots of easy ways to do so.  (Like
importing a .csv file.)

> but I can definitely use it to download any changes that others
> make.

Yes -- that's the part that I did.

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