[plt-scheme] Google APIs

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Thu Dec 18 22:43:28 EST 2008

Recently the subject of working on spreadsheet data through a CSV file
came up -- which made me think of trying to play with the google API.
The result is a cute piece of code that reads your google email &
password (it only uses the password to authenticate you -- it's
probably possible to do without it if you want to read public
spreadsheets), retrieves the names of spreadsheets you have there and
asks you to choose one, then it retrieves the spreadsheet, parses the
xml into a nice list of lists, and finally prints a formatted table.

It's not nearly as robust as a library should be, but the pieces are
all there -- and it probably wouldn't be hard to improve it and even
come up with some google api library (I got the impression that most
of the google apis are very similar and uniform).  So I'm posting it
in case someone is interested in doing such work...

#lang scheme

(require xml net/url-structs net/uri-codec)

(require net/url-sig net/url-unit
         net/tcp-sig net/tcp-unit

;; This will give us ssl:--- for an ssl version of url.ss, then abstract in a
;; convenient function.
  (compound-unit/infer (import) (export url^) (link tcp@ url@))
  (import) (export url^))
(define ssl-tcp@ (make-ssl-tcp@ #f #f #f #f #f #f #f))
  (compound-unit (import) (export URL)
    (link [((TCP : tcp^)) ssl-tcp@]
          [((URL : url^)) url@ TCP]))
  (import) (export (prefix ssl: url^)))

(define (POST->port url alist)
  (let* ([url (if (string? url) (string->url url) url)]
         [scheme (url-scheme url)])
    ((if (equal? "http" scheme) post-pure-port ssl:post-pure-port)
     (string->bytes/utf-8 (alist->form-urlencoded alist))
     '(#"Content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded"))))

(define (GET->port url headers)
  (let* ([url (if (string? url) (string->url url) url)]
         [scheme (url-scheme url)])
    ((if (equal? "http" scheme) get-pure-port ssl:get-pure-port) url headers)))

;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Google stuff

(define google-auth
   #f (lambda (x)
        (bytes-append #"Authorization: GoogleLogin auth="
                      (if (string? x) (string->bytes/utf-8 x) x)))))

(define (url->port url)
  (GET->port url `(,(google-auth) #"GData-Version: 2")))

(define (url->xexpr url)
  (xml->xexpr (document-element (read-xml (url->port url)))))

(define (authenticate user passwd [service "xapi"])
  (define (parse-lines lines)
    (map (lambda (line)
           (let ([m (regexp-match #rx"^([^=]+)=(.*)$" line)])
             (if m
               (cons (string->symbol (cadr m)) (caddr m))
               (error 'login "unexpected reply line: ~s" line))))
  (define reply
    ((compose parse-lines port->lines POST->port)
     `([accountType . "HOSTED_OR_GOOGLE"]
       [Email . ,user]
       [Passwd .  ,passwd]
       [service . ,service]
       [source . "PLTScheme-MzScheme-4"])))
  (cond [(assq 'Auth reply) => cdr]
        [(assq 'Error reply)
         => (lambda (reason)
              (error 'authenticate "bad username/password: ~a" (cdr reason)))]
        [else (error 'authenticate
                     "unexpected reply (no Auth or Error): ~s" reply)]))

(define (get-spreadsheets)
     [(list-no-order (list 'title _ title)
                     (list 'content (list-no-order (list 'src url) _ ...))
                     _ ...)
      (cons title url)]
     [_ #f])
    (url->xexpr (string-append "https://spreadsheets.google.com/feeds/"
   #:key car))

(define (sheet-url->list-feed-url url)
  (match (url->xexpr url)
      (cons 'entry (list-no-order (list 'content
                                        (list-no-order (list 'src x) _ ...))
                                  _ ...))
      _ ...)
    [_ #f]))

(define (sheet-url->cell-feed-url url)
  (match (url->xexpr url)
      (cons 'entry (list-no-order
                    (list 'link
                           (list 'href x)
                           (list 'rel (regexp #rx"^http://.*#cellsfeed$"))
                           _ ...))
                    _ ...))
      _ ...)
    [_ #f]))

(define (get-cells url)
  (define max-row 0)
  (define max-col 0)
  ;; get a flat list of (<row> <col> <data>)
  (define cells
        [(cons 'entry
                (list 'gs:cell
                      (list-no-order (list 'row row) (list 'col col) _ ...)
                _ ...))
         (let ([row (string->number row)] [col (string->number col)])
           (when (> row max-row) (set! max-row row))
           (when (> col max-col) (set! max-col col))
           (list row col x))]
        [_ #f])
      (url->xexpr url))))
  (let loop ([row max-row] [col max-col] [line '()] [table '()] [cells cells])
    (cond [(zero? row) table]
          [(zero? col) (loop (sub1 row) max-col '() (cons line table) cells)]
          [else (let ([x (and (pair? cells)
                              (= row (caar cells))
                              (= col (cadar cells))
                              (caddar cells))])
                  (loop row (sub1 col) (cons x line) table
                        (if x (cdr cells) cells)))])))

;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Table formatting, for fun

(provide print-table filler)

(define-struct filler (str) #:omit-define-syntaxes)

(define (filler x)
  (let ([str (if (string? x) x (format "~a" x))])
    (if (equal? str "")
      (error 'filler "empty filler: ~e" x)
      (make-filler str))))

(define (format-filler str width)
  (let* ([n (ceiling (/ width (string-length str)))]
         [str (if (= n 1) str
                  (string-append* (for/list ([i (in-range n)]) str)))])
    (if (= width (string-length str)) str (substring str 0 width))))

(define (format-string str width alignment)
  (let ([len (string-length str)])
    (if (>= len width) str
        (let ([pad (make-string (- width len) #\space)])
          (if (eq? alignment 'l)
            (string-append str pad)
            (string-append pad str))))))

(define (print-table table alignments [convert #f])
  (define table*
    (for/list ([row table])
      (for/list ([x row])
        (if (filler? x) x
            (let ([x (if convert (convert x) x)])
              (if (string? x) x (format "~a" x)))))))
  (define (col-width . col)
    (foldl (lambda (x acc)
             (if (filler? x) acc (max acc (string-length x))))
           0 col))
  (define widths (apply map col-width table*))
  (for ([row table*])
    (let* ([line (map (lambda (x width alignment)
                        (if (filler? x)
                          (format-filler (filler-str x) width)
                          (format-string x width alignment)))
                      row widths alignments)]
           [line (string-append* (add-between line " "))]
           [line (regexp-replace #rx" +$" line "")])
      (display line)

;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; "User Interface"

(define (ask prompt)
  (printf "~a: " prompt) (flush-output)

(define (choose prompt options)
  (printf "~a:\n" prompt)
  (for ([i (in-naturals 1)] [o options]) (printf "  ~a. ~a\n" i o))
  (sub1 (read)))

;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

(parameterize ([google-auth
                (authenticate (or (getenv "GOOGLE_USER")
                                  (ask "Google username (with domain)"))
                              (or (getenv "GOOGLE_PASSWORD")
                                  (ask "Password"))
  (define sheets (get-spreadsheets))
  (define sheet-url
    (cdr (list-ref sheets (choose "Choose a spreadsheet" (map car sheets)))))
  (define cells-url (sheet-url->cell-feed-url sheet-url))
  (define table (get-cells cells-url))
  (define (row-of x) (map (lambda (_) x) (car table)))
  (define hline (row-of (filler "-")))
  (print-table `(,hline , at table ,hline) (row-of 'l) (lambda (x) (or x ""))))

          ((lambda (x) (x x)) (lambda (x) (x x)))          Eli Barzilay:
                  http://www.barzilay.org/                 Maze is Life!

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