AW: [plt-scheme] Help intigrating C/C++ into Scheme

From: Robert Matovinovic (robert.matovinovic at
Date: Mon Dec 1 17:11:45 EST 2008

Quiet a while ago I had a similar problem. After I looked at the example of and really
understood it (which took me some time I admit), it wasn't as difficult as I
thought. Since you are writing the C program yourself, I assume you should
be able to write and compile it into a dynamic link library, which you can
use than as shown in the example. The dll exports the data input functions,
which you can access via the foreign function interface. 
As others mentioned, if you can be more precise you'll get better help. Only
use C, if there is no other way to get what you want, Scheme is so much more

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I'm not sure the correct terminology for this, so I will just explain what
I'm trying to accomplish.

I am trying to have a Scheme program take input from the user, store that,
and then send that off to a C/C++ program for processing. Once the data has
been processed and worked I want to send it back to the waiting Scheme
program where it will then be displayed. I want the user to start the Scheme
Program which then brings up the GUI interface I'm building, input the data
and hit enter. Once the user hits enter I want the Scheme part to call the C
program and give it the user provided parameters. The C program works them,
then returns the result to Scheme and shuts down.

I am stuck at the part where I give data to a C/C++ program and then get it
back. I have tried exploring Scheme's Foreign Language Interface but I can't
get things working. I have tried reading over the documentation supplied in
the PLT docs on the PLT Scheme C API but I just can't follow them. In short,
I am completely stuck and I have no idea how to proceed.

Please, can someone tell me how to interface to a C program or link one in
with Scheme, I'm not sure the right way to say it. Or can someone please
point me to a in-depth tutorial for doing this? The instructions on the PLT
docs was not helpful because they were over my head.

Steven Zukowski 

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