[plt-scheme] Multi-column list box control?

From: Woodhouse Gregory (gregory.woodhouse at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Aug 26 14:18:50 EDT 2008

On Aug 26, 2008, at 5:50 AM, Michael Forster wrote:

> Hi,
> Back in 2003, Rian Douglas asked whether any work had been done
> on a multi-column list box for the GUI library:
> http://www.cs.brown.edu/pipermail/plt-scheme/2003-July/003251.html
> I'm in need of one for a database application, and, no, arranging  
> multiple
> list boxes side-by-side won't suffice.
> Of course, I'm quite willing to hack one myself.  However, being a  
> hack for
> myself, it likely wouldn't be fit for public consumption, and I  
> wouldn't want to
> have to maintain it under the mred collection directory in the face  
> of PLT
> updates on my various computers.  Given that, has anyone any advice on
> how to pull the various private mred bits (kernel.ss, etc.) into a  
> separate
> library directory structure.  Or, would this be as much trouble  
> maintenance-
> wise?
> Thanks,
> Mike

We ran into something like this. Some developers wrote their own  
multi-column list box (in Delphi, not Scheme). It turned out to cause  
all kind of problems with screen readers   and so had to be replaced.  
But my point is simply that there is demand for such a thing,  
particularly in data intensive applications.

"Mathematics is the science of patterns."
--Lynn Arthur Steen, 1988


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