[plt-scheme] Re: Any tips for avoiding intermittent freezing when navigating file system directories with mounted network volumes in DrScheme?

From: Todd O'Bryan (toddobryan at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Aug 21 20:56:39 EDT 2008

Just another data point. I have a Linux lab running DrScheme 4.1 and
several students had freeze issues when they tried to add a user
teachpack right after they clicked the "Add teachpack to list..."

The OS kept working and they were able to kill MrEd, but DrScheme was
completely frozen.

It happened to probably 5 or 6 people in each class of 25 or so.


On Wed, Aug 20, 2008 at 1:22 AM, Benjamin L. Russell
<DekuDekuplex at yahoo.com> wrote:
> On Mon, 18 Aug 2008 14:20:27 -0500, "Grant Rettke"
> <grettke at acm.org> wrote:
>>> Does anybody have any tips on avoiding this intermittent freezing when
>>> navigating local file system directories on a system with mounted
>>> network volumes?
>>Just wondering, is this a general Windows issue or a DrScheme specific issue?
>>My machine at work has horrible, terrible hanging issues whenever I
>>use Explorer.
> Since I can navigate those same directories in Windows Explorer and
> other applications without any problems, but the intemittent freezing
> always occurs in DrScheme, this issue appears to be DrScheme-specific.
> -- Benjamin L. Russell
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