AW: [plt-scheme] Replace & Find in v4.1

From: Robert Matovinovic (robert.matovinovic at
Date: Fri Aug 15 09:17:11 EDT 2008

What I also found right now is that if words are not wrapped in editor
buffer and you are somewhere in a long line where you don't see the next
selection ctrl+g doesn't bring you there only the cursor jumps, which is
confusing because you see in the find dialog editor there are matches but
you don't get there.

I checked out anchor search and find that I'm personally used to jump
between selections which I have to work on mostly. So I don't see the
advantage of the anchor without selection, but you might give me a hint.

Feature request: 
What I like about the new find dialog is the count of matches. I had to use
find extensively yesterday and noticed, what would be in addition very
helpful, if you work on big files with a lot of matches, would be the number
of the current match beneath it. 

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