[plt-scheme] missing gsl scientific libraries

From: Atmam Ta (atmamta at gmail.com)
Date: Fri Aug 15 07:58:32 EDT 2008


when I chose the language for my current project a few months ago I had some
"must have" requirements in mind, like the language should have basic
scientific computing support (matrix and linear algebra, fft, least squares
fitting and some statistics packages).
After scanning the Planet repository, I thought plt-scheme passes as it had
an interface to the Gnu Scientific Library listed. Now I am very surprised
to see that the mzgsl library contains only an interface to the random
number generation sublibrary of GSL, and the science collection has less
than half of the GSL functionality.

Does anyone know of plt-scheme interace code to fft, linear algebra,
least-squares fitting, and non-basic statistics? I can see that there is a
"fit" function in the plot library for least squares fitting...


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