[plt-scheme] Replace & Find in v4.1

From: Ben Goetter (goetter at mazama.net)
Date: Thu Aug 14 16:36:29 EDT 2008

Thank you, your explanation does indeed help.  So Edit/Find defines a 
sequence of matches in a pane, and then Edit/Find Again iterates through 
that sequence, selecting the text of a particular match.  And 
Edit/ReplaceXxx is only operative with a text selection (and a matching 
selection, at that), not just a match sequence.  I see.  Sorry to be obtuse.

And this explains the problem!  The "Find" button in the search pane is 
really performing Edit/Find Again.  However, when performing this task 
via button click, there is no highlight drawn in the pane corresponding 
to the selected match.  Thus also with the "Replace & Find" button.  It 
is only operative with a text selection.  However, text selections made 
via the "Find" button (as opposed to the Edit/Find Again menu item) are 
not highlighted visibly; and the subsequent selection of the next match 
by "Replace & Find" is not visibly highlighted, either.

I will file a bug about the lack of text highlights.  Thanks for your 


Robby Findler wrote:
> The replace is always available when the selection (in the window
> where you'd be replacing) matches what you are searching for.
> Otherwise, it is not available.
> Does that help?
> Robby
> On Thu, Aug 14, 2008 at 2:34 PM, Ben Goetter <goetter at mazama.net> wrote:
>> I have tried it, and I'm afraid it doesn't make much more sense to me.  The
>> behavior - both with anchors enabled and disabled - seems inconsistent:
>> sometimes the Replace commands I want are available, and sometimes they
>> aren't.  I am having a very difficult time deducing the desired behavior
>> here.
>> Robby Findler wrote:
>>> The (perhaps only slightly) more sensical generalization of those
>>> rules is that when the selection matches the search string, you can
>>> replace & find (so when the search string is empty and you don't have
>>> any thing selected, it will replace nothing with the replace string).
>>> Did you try the anchor'd search? Do you find that to be more intuitive?
>>> Robby
>>> On Thu, Aug 14, 2008 at 2:04 PM, Ben Goetter <goetter at mazama.net> wrote:
>>>> On the same platform, I am observing the same behavior.  Start DrScheme,
>>>> then type a little searchable gibberish into the Defs and Ints panes,
>>>> then
>>>> make the Find and Replace fields appear with Ctrl+f or Ctrl+r.
>>>> If you have no text in the Find field, the Replace menu items are
>>>> enabled.
>>>> Clicking the "Replace and Find" button will then append the contents of
>>>> the
>>>> Replace field to the Definitions or Interactions pane, whichever last had
>>>> focus.
>>>> Once text goes into the Find field, occurrences of that text will be
>>>> highlighted in one of the panes, and the Replace items under the Edit
>>>> menu
>>>> will be disabled.  Clicking the Replace and Find button then does
>>>> nothing.
>>>> Robby Findler wrote:
>>>>> Did you put some text into the replace field?
>>>>> Robby
>>>>> On Thu, Aug 14, 2008 at 11:08 AM, Robert Matovinovic
>>>>> <robert.matovinovic at web.de> wrote:
>>>>>> Hi,
>>>>>> I run DrScheme, version 4.1 [3m] on Windows XP and wonder where to
>>>>>> activate
>>>>>> Replace & Find. The button in the search dialog doesn't react and the
>>>>>> menu
>>>>>> items in the edit menu are grey. I looked up Preferences ... and Help
>>>>>> Desk
>>>>>> but I couldn't find any hint. What am I missing? If it is not a bug the
>>>>>> switch should be in a more obvious place.
>>>>>> Robert

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