[plt-scheme] Re: how do you include documentation with a teachpack or planet collection?

From: Stephen Bloch (sbloch at adelphi.edu)
Date: Thu Aug 14 13:14:37 EDT 2008

On Aug 26, 2007, I wrote:

>> Here's my goal: create a file (presumably a .plt) that my English- 
>> major students can install, in one easy step (preferably without  
>> needing to specify WHERE to install it; it should know by itself),  
>> after which
>> (a) the "tiles.ss" teachpack will appear on the list of available  
>> teachpacks in the teaching languages (I don't care whether it's on  
>> the left side or the right), and
>> (b) when they add that teachpack, they get a properly compiled  
>> version (presumably .zo), and
>> (c) when they add that teachpack and type the name of one of its  
>> functions into the Help Desk, they'll see the documentation.  (If  
>> they could also see the documentation WITHOUT adding the teachpack  
>> first, that would be nice but not required.)
>> Is that possible?

I've written up some Scribble documentation, and I gather it (and the  
corresponding teachpack) are supposed to be installed with setup-plt,  
but I must be missing some very basic assumptions about collection,  
modules, and PLaneT, and I haven't found them explained anywhere in  
the documentation.

I've set up a directory named "tiles" which contains
and an empty directory named "doc"

I typed "scribble --html --dest doc functions.scrbl" and it seems to  
have  compiled the Scribble correctly to HTML.  (I was hoping to  
include the documentation for "image.ss" in this documentation, since  
my teachpack provides all-from image.ss, but I haven't gotten that to  
work yet.)  At least this confirms that the .scrbl and (to some  
extent) the .ss files are syntactically reasonable.

But I gather that to actually install the teachpack and its  
associated documentation, I need to use "setup-plt".  So I typed
"setup-plt -l tiles ."
and got the error message "bad collection path: ."  So I tried the  
same thing from the containing directory, with the same result.
What do I do to install a teachpack and its documentation?

Once I've got that and tested it locally, the next question is...
What do I do to make it easily available on PLaneT?

Stephen Bloch
sbloch at adelphi.edu

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