[plt-scheme] running an MzScheme debugger in Emacs?

From: Prabhakar Ragde (plragde at uwaterloo.ca)
Date: Sat Apr 26 11:08:55 EDT 2008

Benjamin L. Russell wrote:

> Ok; that makes more sense now.  I.e., you probably don't use a
> debugger in programming for the same reason that I don't use a
> grammar or spelling checker in patent translation.  Debuggers help
> point out errors in programming; grammar and spelling checkers help
> point out errors in natural writing.  One gifted in programming would
> probably refrain from using a debugger for the same reason that one
> gifted in writing refrains from using a grammar or spelling checker.

That's a good analogy. But I don't think I'm particularly gifted in 
programming, which is why I avoid debuggers, which I think will get in 
the way of my becoming better at it. I learned to write before checkers 
existed, and I'm reasonably good at it, so (when I have to use Word 
instead of LaTeX within Emacs) I keep the spelling/grammar checker on to 
avoid the occasional glitch. But I tell my students, who for the most 
part are quite hopeless at writing, to use checkers only sporadically 
and to try to get their defect rate down by conscious effort. (Since I 
teach computer science and not freshman comp, this goes in one ear and 
out the other, but so does the corresponding advice about programming.) --PR

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