[plt-scheme] small databases like gdbm

From: Stephen De Gabrielle (stephen at degabrielle.name)
Date: Mon Oct 8 19:42:00 EDT 2007

Thanks guys,

I now have a sensible path - sexprs -> allegrograph -> redland



On 10/8/07, Ray Racine <ray.racine at comcast.net > wrote:
> Some ideas, not necessarily in alignment with the requirements, but
> nonetheless...
> I recently went through a similar RDF need + Scheme watta I do analysis.
> As you've seen the big triple stores seemed to be too unwieldly and
> onerous.
> I considered using Raptor/Redlands, as the suite is well done, using
> memory, SleepyCat (or an RDBMS) as "storage".  The API was  specifically
> designed for ease of script binding and I suspect going through the FFI
> exercise for gdbm vs Redlands would be equivalent work effort with the
> Redlands approach giving RDFness directly, not to mention SPARQL etc.
> But that is not what I did :).
> What I ended up doing was for dealing with small graphs storing as
> triple based S-Exps as shards via Amazon's S3 storage.  i.e. As Eli
> suggested I used S-Exps (sort of SXML <-> XML as triple s-exps <-> RDF
> triples).
> e.g a listof (listof spo)
> But I also had a "big" need as well, that is query capability.  And I
> found AllegroGraph which so far has been a perfect fit for me.
>         - Its Lisp based and an entirely self contained system so ...
>         - NO RDBS required.
>         - It installs painlessly in minutes without configuration hassles.
>         - Very well documented.
>         - Its FREE for many uses.
>         - Supports millions of triples.
>         - It has a great common lisp DSL for manipulating the graph.
>         - It will suck/spit most of the RDF serialization formats. e.g.,
> RDF/XML, N3, Turtle, N-Triples .....
>         - And it has a dirt simple REST based API which is what I'm using
> for
> integration with MzScheme.  I use standard PLT net library stuff to
> build the http query and then the SXML tool suite to deal with the XML
> responses.  Easy peasy.
> So if you've looked at all the big Java/C based RDFDB/TripleStores and
> they look onerous to deal with (and they are), I'd suggest looking at
> AllegroGraph.  As mentioned its all self contained, installs in minutes,
> does easy thing easily, and can handle the high scalability issues if
> needed, and I believe could be a far faster path then dealing with doing
> a gdbm integration and designing a RDFness API on top of it.
> You should be up and running in an afternoon.
> BTW, I have no association with the product itself or the vendor.  Just
> a happy (so far) user.
> On Mon, 2007-10-08 at 17:34 +0100, Stephen De Gabrielle wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I was wondering he any list members had any recommendations or advice
> > on using small databases like gdbm (with the plt tools obviously)
> >
> > I'm storing a small set of metadata (RSS 1.0) and want something
> > simple and easy. (don't we all.!)
> >
> > I'm putting off using a RDBMS or RDF/OWL Triple-Store, as excessive at
> > this stage, so I would love any suggestions on things that work well
> > with plt scheme.
> >
> > cheers
> > stephen
> >



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