[plt-scheme] Re: File synchronization and saving plugin interest?

From: jao (jaortega at gmail.com)
Date: Thu May 10 21:10:39 EDT 2007

Hi Grant. FWIW, i implemented mzfam (available on PLaneT) as a first
step towards something like your autosave idea. In my case, i wanted
to automatically detect edits outside DrScheme using either kernel
notifications via FAM or a polling mechanism that monitors changes in
the file's modification time. MzFAM seems to work, but i'm its only
user so far, and an extension to use kevent in BSD/Darwin systems is
on the way (although i don't have much time right now). But maybe you
have other ideas on how to detect changes. At any rate, i am
definitely interested in the functionality you mention, and look
forward to the results of your efforts. Good luck.


On May 10, 5:28 pm, "Grant Rettke" <gret... at acm.org> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I've been going back and forth between DrScheme and my command line
> Subversion client.
> Each time I commit it updates the svn keywords in the file. I would
> like those changes to be reflected when I go back to DrScheme.
> Additionally, working between DrScheme and Vim sometimes I would like
> the same behavior of reverting.
> In the interest of keeping a consistent view on things, I would also
> like to save my files on frame deactivation.
> Robby explained that this could be implemented by writing a plugin. I
> envision the plugin as containing:
> "Synchronize files on frame activation?"
> and
> "Save files on frame deactivation?"
> I am interested in learning how to write this. Anyone interested in
> this functionality?
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