[plt-scheme] create distribution executable

From: Day (day7195891 at gmail.com)
Date: Thu May 3 23:43:06 EDT 2007

Hi, I read these words in the PLT DrScheme: Programming Environment Manual:

"choose the Create Executable... menu item from the Scheme menu. You will be
asked to choose an executable file name or an archive file name."


"The result of Create Executable... is either a launcher executable, a
stand-alone executable, or a distribution archive, and it uses either a
MzScheme (textual) or MrEd (graphical) engine. For programs implemented with
certain languages, Create Executable... will prompt you to choose the
executable type and engine, while other languages support only one type or

However, when i clicked the "Create Executable" button, there's no other
prompts such as "choose an archive file name" except the only choice to
create an .exe file. I mean I can not create a distribution archive, no
choice to do so. Why? Are there some tools missing? Or some tricks to do so?
Please help. Thanks!

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