[plt-scheme] web programming, continuation, CPS transform, etc.

From: Shriram Krishnamurthi (sk at cs.brown.edu)
Date: Thu May 3 20:56:16 EDT 2007

> RoR also includes the ajax stack, which scopewise equates to
> Flapjax.  Would your RoR competitor encompass Flapjax in the future?

For now, no, as you suspect.  It's probably unfair to call this an RoR
competitor per se.  I'm interested in making it easy to construct the
back-end Web services for now, that's all; the rest needs to be
written by hand in Flapjax.  But we have lots of neat features in
Flapjax now, such as the ability to provide bidirectional connections
between model and view, so we *are* raising the level of abstraction
-- just not in the same way RoR does.

>  I suspect that you have better tricks in your sleeves than the above
> approach for your RoR competitor... true/false?

I have no idea.  It's still research. (-:


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