[plt-scheme] web server config

From: David Gurvich (david.gurvich at verizon.net)
Date: Thu May 3 11:46:24 EDT 2007


If you set the local server to a particular port, ie. localhost:8080, and 
block external port 8080 requests with a firewall, that should be secure 
enough.  The public server can be on any other port.  

All the above depends on the plt webserver being able to run multiple 
instances with different configurations.  


On Thursday 03 May 2007 00:07:28 Robert Nikander wrote:
> Hi,
> I just started using the web server.  I notice that I can hit the
> "/conf/refresh-servlets" url from anywhere.  This is going to be a
> public website, so how do I make that url and others like it accessible
> only to localhost or otherwise protected?
> Also, can I define aliases for virtual hosts?  Something like:
> (default-host-table
>    (alias "acme.com"))
> (virtual-host-table
>    ("acme.com" (host-table ......)
>    ("acme.net" (alias "acme.com"))
>    ...
> thanks,
> Rob
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