[plt-scheme] Scrollbar/Panel Graphical Toolbox

From: Rainer Gross (rainer_gross at gmx.net)
Date: Wed Mar 21 23:06:27 EDT 2007


I am using the basic graphical toolbox of MrEd.

And I have two question about it.

I would like to include in a form a scrollbar widget to control  some  
data shown by the form with this scrollbar. But I was looking for a  
scrollbar widget in the documentation with out any luck.

Is there a way to display a scrollbar? For now I am using a slider  
control which provides more or less the action I require but it's  
quite wired from a users point of view. If there really is no  
scrollbar available today are there plans to add a scrollbar in the  
future, and if, when?
Is there an alternative way to get access to a scrollbar?

I would like to have a scrollpanel or pane in which I could add  
controls in a fixed size form and show it in a smaller window. If  
there is a scrollbar I could implement one on my own but ...
The canvas class is implementing a scrollable surface but looking at  
the docs its seams that there is no way to add controls to a canvas.  
Any hint how to obtain a scrollpanel?

Thanks in advance for any help

Best regards,


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