[plt-scheme] Swindle Tiny-CLOS examples..

From: Kyle Smith (airfoil at bellsouth.net)
Date: Thu Mar 1 22:36:30 EST 2007

I've been working my way through Queinnec's, "Lisp In Small Pieces", 
English Ed. 1996.  It's quite an impressive breadth of material that he 
covers; eleven (11) interpreters and (2) compilers.  Some parts are 
obviously dated, but there is a new French ed. out just this month, so 
hopefully for those of us French impaired readers, they'll have an 
English translation out in less than the two years it took them last go 

Anyway, not only are some of the concepts a bit out of touch with 
current research, but the programs are written in a CLOS like system 
called  Meroonet, with the last update in 1993.  There is a much more 
robust version called Meroon that actually was ported to MzScheme v50 
circa 1998.  Anyway, I pulled them both off the net to see if I could 
easily port them to v360'ish MzScheme.  Unfortunately,  he  makes  heavy 
use of  defmacro which makes it a nightmare to think about porting if I 
can find an easier route.

That's when I remembered Swindle had a CLOS like Object system.  So I 
spent the afternoon looking it over.  However, I didn't find any example 
programs.  I learn best from a good example along with the documentation 
to pick it apart.  Is it possible that someone has any example Swindle 
OO files that make use of generic methods?   Queinnec makes use of 
generics extensively.

In return for any example code that gets me off the ground at mimicking 
Meroonet, I'll gladly post the port on PlaneT so others can use it when 
working through the text.



Kyle Smith
airfoil at bellsouth dot net

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