[plt-scheme] string->url using semicolon where ampersand belongs

From: Ethan Herdrick (info at reatlas.com)
Date: Mon Jul 9 05:45:48 EDT 2007

Hi folks:

I'd like to cast an emphatic vote in favor of changing the default
query string separator used in string->url from the semicolon to the
ampersand.  The standards that matter here are the customs and typical
practices of the world, not what's written in RFCs.  Please change the
code of string->url accordingly.

Thank you.


For those frustrated Schemers who find this thread while trying to
figure out why string->url is broken, here's what to do:  Before using
string->url, do this:

(require (lib "uri-codec.ss" "net"))
(current-alist-separator-mode 'amp)

And here's the thread where I finally found this answer:

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