[plt-scheme] Query language for writing SQL commands

From: Corey Sweeney (corey.sweeney at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Aug 16 15:57:08 EDT 2007

I'm writing a lot of SQL queries.   Is there a good way of writing
them in scheme?  So far I've found 3 options.

#1. (require (planet "sql-table.ss" ("dfisher" "sql-table.plt" 1 0)))

#2. (require (planet "sqlite.ss" ("soegaard" "sqlite.plt" 1 2)))

#3. and "my" package which is broken.  (I didn't write it, I just
posted it.  it's the query language that came from scheme-pg, which I
believe took it from scheme-QL)

This shouldn't depend on anything outside of R5RS, so it should be
able to be cross-platform. Are there other options out there?

What I care about most is finding a package that is maintained or
semi-standard so I don't have to rewrite all my sql queries every
couple years.


((lambda (y) (y y)) (lambda (y) (y y)))

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