[plt-scheme] PLT Web-Server

From: Christophe Poucet (christophe.poucet at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Sep 27 12:09:16 EDT 2006


A few comments regarding the PLT web-server.  First of all, I watched the
movie presenting it's features and I found it rather interesting as
framework.  So congratulations on the work.  I noticed that when run as
non-root it lags a lot, probably because of it trying to write to a logfile
it has no access to.  This, however, is easily fixed by copying the
configuration and default-web-root to your home directory.  What concerned
me more is how the continuations are encoded iin the url.

Basically, it seems that it places the continuation-specific data not at the
end of the URL but in the beginning.  This can be quite confusing, because
if you change the URL a bit (which is usually done by just modifyng the
tail) you'll still be referring ot the prior continuation.
Here is an example:

Would this not be easier if it were:

I think that would make it much more intuitive, not sure what the reasons
are that it is put right after 'servlets' instead of the entire url?  Is
this because the entire servlets directory is treated as one big app?

Additionally I was hoping if you could inform me on how stable plt
web-server is in general.  I noticed in one paper that it's quite
performant, but overall, how mature would you say it is?  Will the flapjax
work to enable tight integration with client-side stuff (from the power oof
scheme) soon be released?

With regards,
Christophe (aka vincenz)
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