[plt-scheme] pre-release documentation disappeared? Also, where is WAIT-FOR-IO-TO-COMPLETE?

From: Robby Findler (robby at cs.uchicago.edu)
Date: Sun Nov 26 21:27:58 EST 2006

On Nov 26, 2006, at 8:14 PM, Danny Yoo wrote:

>>> In DivaScheme, I find myself hitting a race condition between  
>>> DivaScheme and DrScheme: I'm trying to avoid touching the  
>>> interaction buffer while evaluation is taking place.  I was  
>>> hoping to put something like:
>>>     (define (update-text text)
>>>         (wait-for-io-to-complete)
>>>         ... )
>>> within my code.  I've grepped for it, but I haven't found wait- 
>>> for-io-to-complete anywhere in the DrScheme code base.
>> Probably this isn't the way to do this -- the way to avoid race  
>> conditions is to do all of the modification of the drscheme editor  
>> on the thread of drscheme's eventspace.
> Ah, ok; that means that I was (am?  *grin*) confused and don't know  
> what I'm talking about yet.
> I thought that repl interaction ran on a separate thread of  
> execution from the drscheme main thread, having glanced through the  
> DrScheme source code.

that's right.

> I had assumed that when something is being executed, that the  
> userspace thread somehow locks the interaction text% from edits  
> outside the userspace thread,

that's 1/2 right: the changes to the interactions window still happen  
on the drscheme eventspace handler thread, but the text is locked (to  
prevent editing by drscheme's users).

> and that WAIT-FOR-IO-TO-COMPLETE was a way for the DrScheme thread  
> to wait for the userspace evaluation thread to release its  
> semaphore.  I now think I was wrong about that.

no, I think wait-for-io-to-complete sounds like something that  
flushes pending io, but I can't recall exactly now.

> I took a close look at my bug, and saw that it really to do with a  
> separate issue: my code had been trying to munge with repl prompt  
> snips ("> "), which are read-only snippets (as they should be!).   
> So that's why my text% mixin code was reporting (CAN-INSERT? ...)  
> as false.
> I found a workaround for my problem, so finding WAIT-FOR-IO-TO- 
> COMPLETE is less urgent than it was before.

Well, that's good.


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