[plt-scheme] Sound Card Access

From: nik gaffney (nik at fo.am)
Date: Thu Nov 2 04:56:14 EST 2006

> SuperCollider isn't Scheme, but it certainly does do the kinds of things
> you might be interested in:

.. and more :)

> http://www.audiosynth.com/

since sc3 is built around a client server model, the synthesis engine can be
accessed with a few different clients. you might be intersted in the various
scheme clients an utils form rohan drape...

" Acollection of modules for using PLT scheme with the SuperCollider synthesis
server. rsc is the SuperCollider client and includes a simple Open Sound
Control Implementation. rscG draws UGen graphs. rscI implements simple
controller interface widgets. rscC is a minimalist control system abstraction.
rscS is an SDIF parser. rscP is a Pattern library. All work is copyleft."



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