[plt-scheme] 3rd-8th Grade

From: Steven H. Rogers (steve at shrogers.com)
Date: Sun Mar 19 11:39:25 EST 2006

Carl Eastlund wrote:
> ...
> Why aren't the pictures as good as words? 
 > ...

"Re graphics: A picture is worth 10K words - but only those to describe the 
picture.  Hardly any sets of 10K words can be adequately described with 
pictures."  -- Alan Perlis

Graphical languages can be effective as DSLs, but lack flexibility.  As has 
been pointed out elsewhere in this thread, graphical languages tend to be 
difficult to extend.  APL is a powerful DSL for working with arrays of data 
that uses graphical symbols to represent native functions, but extensions 
don't look much like APL because they're named with numbers or key words.

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