[plt-scheme] Problem with science.plt - any ideas?

From: Williams, M. Douglas (M.DOUGLAS.WILLIAMS at saic.com)
Date: Thu Mar 2 19:03:30 EST 2006

I just downloaded it on a fresh install of v301.8 - I don't have V301 loaded
on this machine.  I have loaded it many times on various machines though.
The only things I can think of is to erase the PLaneT directory where it is
cached and I use Pretty Big as the language level (but I couldn't replicate
your problem in other language levels either).

Jacob, any ideas?

Let me know if you have any luck.


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Subject: [plt-scheme] Problem with science.plt - any ideas?
I'm having a problem using the science.plt package.
Has anyone had a similar problem or had success?

Here's what I'm seeing. From DrScheme (version 301 on
> (require (planet "science-with-graphics.ss"
("williams" "science.plt" 2 1)))

DrScheme gives the following:
"unknown file tag Public"

I've also tried downloading science.plt using the
command-line tool, and using the install file
option...same result.

If I base64 decode the science.plt file, the
science.gz I get appears to be corrupt (according to
7-zip when I try to inflate). I can download
simulation.plt, base64 decode, then unzip and I get
what appears to be a valid result.

I've tried downloading science.plt again, but I get
the same results.

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