[plt-scheme] PLT web-browser no, Apache yes.

From: andrew cooke (andrew at acooke.org)
Date: Thu Jan 19 07:00:02 EST 2006

Something more than this is happening.  My current best guess is that if
the mailing list software sees that you were already included in an email,
it doesn't send an extra copy.  So

To: andrew at acooke.org
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Only arrives (to me) once.  That's more than the "no dups" explanation
below because it applies to email *others* are sending me.

If it's not that - which is only a guess based on what I see happening -
then perhaps there is a problem with newly subscribed people (like me)? 
(I do not have digest set).


Eli Barzilay wrote:
> On Jan 19, Glenn Ambrose wrote:
>> Could someone mention to me how to keep a thread going and why do I
>> receive some of the replies in my e-mail but not others?
> You have set the "nodups" option in your mailman settings, so it
> probably avoids sending you copies of messages that you sent.  You
> also set the "digest" option which sends you a digest every some time,
> but when people reply to all (like I do), one copy is sent directly to
> you.
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