[plt-scheme] newbie - plotting points

From: andrew cooke (andrew at acooke.org)
Date: Wed Jan 18 20:36:31 EST 2006

Following up further, it turns out that "help desk" is not some place in
meatspace, but a fancy GUI doohickie that you can access from the DrScheme
GUI under "help", and that if you search for help on "plot" it
automagically downloads something, gives you help and generally "just

(require (lib "plot.ss" "plot"))
(plot (line (lambda (x) x)))

(I don't seem to be getting emails from the list, only replies copied to
me; I hope I've not broken something or used the wrong address).

Anyway, thanks again,

andrew cooke wrote:
> Thanks to all who replied.  I had seen the PLoTScheme when I first
> searched around before using the GUI classes, but it needs (I believe) the
> installation of further packages.  I was hoping there was a simpler
> solution, although I might switch to that anyway if I start re-inventing
> the wheel too much.
> Anyway, graphics module in misclib does all I need for now.  In case
> anyone searches this mail list, here's the code...
> Thanks,
> Andrew
> (module tmp mzscheme
>   (require (lib "graphics.ss" "graphics"))
>   (open-graphics)
>   (define viewport
>     (open-viewport "fibonacci" 300 300))
>   (define (dot x y)
>     (let ((plot (draw-pixel viewport))
>           (p (make-posn x y)))
>     (plot p "red")))
>   (dot 10 10)
>   (get-key-press viewport)
>   (close-graphics))
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