[plt-scheme] Web-browser works with 209 not 301

From: Glenn Ambrose (glennambrose at hotmail.com)
Date: Wed Jan 18 03:14:49 EST 2006

Hello there.

The story so far. Every time I tried to get the web-server going I would 
immediately get the following message:

tcp-listen: listen on 80 failed (An address incompatible with the requested 
protocol was used. ;errno=10047)

I am running Windows XP with firefox as the browser. So to fix it up I went 
to sites (thankyou Geoffery for searching those out) that were recommended. 
In the end I downloaded Winsock, did a bit of typing in the prompt and a bit 
of rebooting to no avail.

I did download a copy of Drscheme 209 and it works like a dream. Something 
has changed from 209 to 301 in the way it connects to a port but what?

Cheers Glenn

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