[plt-scheme] Re: Can't get the web-server going

From: Glenn Ambrose (glennambrose at hotmail.com)
Date: Tue Jan 17 04:15:47 EST 2006

Thank you Jay for responding.

(Yes, you could send the configuration-table and what command you are 

Something I think of immediately: You're changing a custom
configuration-table but you're not passing it to the web-server start
This is the configuration-table:

((port 8042) <-- This is the only change I made, from 80 to 8042.
(max-waiting 40)
      (configuration-root "conf")
      (host-root "default-web-root")
      (log-file-path "log")
      (file-root "htdocs")
      (servlet-root ".")
      (password-authentication "passwords"))))

tcp-listen: listen on 8042 failed (An address incompatible with the 
requested protocol was used.; errno=10047)

Before I made the change I was getting:

tcp-listen: listen on 80 failed (An address incompatible with the requested 
protocol was used.; errno=10047)

Since the error message has noted the change from 80 to 8042 can I assume 
the web-server start binary has also noted the change?

I tried to get it going both by clicking on web-server.exe and by entering
plt\web-server at the command prompt. Each time the error message above pops 

And thank you Noel for responding.

( Can you give us a bit more information?  For example, what
URL were you accessing?  What browser?

You could try the instaweb package -- then the
configuration should be correct and hence one potential
problem removed. )

I'm using Firefox 1.5 and the URL http://localhost but nothing happens. I 
wasn't surprised as the problem has already occured with the server not 
finding the port (or whatever it is doing or not doing).

If I put in the url http://drscheme.org:80 then it works fine. It doesn't 
work with 8042 though.

You mentioned running instaweb. At the moment I haven't learned how to make 
a servlet or to run a servlet so instaweb is getting ahead of me.

To give you some background. I am a high school teacher (biology/chemistry 
note, no IT) and I thought it would be nice to put up some information for 
my students to be able to access at home (which I did). I learned HTML and 
CSS. Then I thought it would be nice if they could test themselves. Now on 
top HTML and CSS I need to learn to PHP so that the students have their 
results recorded, SQL so that there is something into which to record their 
results and RDF so that the information can be organised. Or I could just 
learn scheme and here I am at the beginning of this journey.

This message is very long. Congradulations if you made it this far.


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