[plt-scheme] xexprs and sxml

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Date: Mon Jan 9 15:52:29 EST 2006

This is what the function "server-response" in the current WebIt! does, to 
output WebIt! XML (both rs-xml structures in the past and SXML in the current
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>>Anton's suggestion was just to go SXML -> XML and pass the strings to >>the web-server, essentially bypassing any of the web-server's use of >>x-expressions at all. Lower-tech, but something that works now without >>me having to generate a mapping. 
> > This is already possible. See "response" in the web server manual. 
Yes, that's what I'm saying. It's a solution that works now. 
> (All of the (listof (union string bytes)) parts of the variants of 
> response should be probably become ports, in fact.) 
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