[plt-scheme] Syntax question - begin in threads

From: Chongkai Zhu (u0476504 at utah.edu)
Date: Tue Jan 3 19:56:45 EST 2006

I run this on my computer:

(define x 0)
(define t1
   (lambda ()
     (sleep 5)
     (set! x 10))))

No errors. Everything work as it should.

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> x
> x

Maybe you need also provide which version of DrScheme you are using,

Chongkai Zhu  

======= At 2006-01-03, 16:40:33 Greg Woodhouse wrote: =======

>I've been experimenting with threads, and find that this code works
>just fine
>(define x 0)
>(define t1
>  (thread
>   (lambda ()
>     (begin
>       (sleep 5)
>       (set! x 10)))))
>but, if I leave the begin out, I get an error (though the thread runs).
>I thought of begin as a *sequencing* command. What if I have several
>expressions that need to be evaluated, but I don't care about the
>Am I misunderstanding the role of begin?
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