[plt-scheme] Any good book that covers PLT Scheme

From: Bruce Durling (bld at otfrom.com)
Date: Thu Feb 2 20:19:12 EST 2006


On Feb 2, 2006, at 7:56 PM, Matthias Felleisen wrote:

> On Feb 2, 2006, at 7:01 PM, Danny Yoo wrote:
>> On Fri, 3 Feb 2006, Tommy Nordgren wrote:
>> Just checking: do you already know about HtDP and HtUS?
>>     http://www.htdp.org/
> This is about program design, not PLT Scheme. A few things exploit  
> PLT Scheme-ish things.

Dorai Sitaram to be a good way to get myself up and running.
HtDP is great for learning comp sci. Not so good if you are looking  
to get started with scheme and are already familiar with other  
languages (eg java, c, prolog, whatever). I found Teach Yourself  
Scheme in Fixnum Days, by Dorai Sitaram to be a great quick overview  
of how to get going.

>>     http://www.htus.org/
> For the latest draft, go to my homepage. But I must say that this  
> project is on hold.
> Let me mention the cookbook here: http://schemecookbook.org/ It is  
> more active and deserves a plug.

The Scheme Cookbook is great. It got me going with http and xml/sxml  
very quickly. I would highly recommend it.

>> About your question on OOP; I'm not quite sure.  I've seen  
>> something about
>> "How to Design Class Hierarchies":
>>     http://www.ccs.neu.edu/home/vkp/HtDCH/
>> and would like to know more about it myself.
> [Note: There is no overlap between Viera's on-line notes and the  
> actual book.]
> HtDCH is about program design scaled to a Java-like language. See  
> ProfessorJ in DrScheme.

WRT OO Programming, I would have to ask why you would look at scheme  
for that? I know it can be done and scheme is a great research  
language on different ways of doing OO, but *I* don't think of it as  
an OO language. I know it is multi-paradigm and you can do a lot with  
it, but I'm looking for the macros and functional programming aspects  
of it to give my brain a work out. I really don't mean to flame bait,  
but maybe you should look at Smalltalk for a pure OO experience or  
Java (today's COBOL and the way I pay my bills) as a mainstream OO  


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