[plt-scheme] draw.ss - (lib "draw-sig.ss" "htdp") appears in red

From: Danny Yoo (dyoo at hkn.eecs.berkeley.edu)
Date: Thu Dec 14 11:53:01 EST 2006

> Users/gknauth/Library/PLT 
> Scheme/planet/300/360/cache/plt/object-debugger.plt/1/0/tool.ss:15:14: 
> unit: exported variable is not defined at: drscheme:tool-exports^ in: 
> (unit (import drscheme:tool^) (export drscheme:tool-exports^) (define 
> sequence-trace-language% (c...

Hi Geoffrey,

Ok, we can uninstall that object-debugger.plt PLaneT package then, since 
it's not compatible with 360.  Here are instructions for doing so:

Evaluate the following at your interactions window:

> (require (lib "util.ss" "planet"))
> (remove-pkg "plt" "object-debugger.plt" 1 0)

After this, restart DrScheme.  You shouldn't see that error message on 
startup anymore.

Alternatively, if we have ready access to the Terminal, we can do package 
removal from there too.  We can get a list of installed packages here:

$ planet -p
Normally-installed packages:

We should see a list of packages, including the one corresponding to the 
object-debugger.plt package.

Now we'll uninstall it:

$ planet -e plt object-debugger.plt 1 0

After this point, we should be able to start DrScheme without seeing 

Good luck to you!

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