[plt-scheme] Re: In search of Linux compatable with DrScheme

From: Kyle Smith (airfoil at bellsouth.net)
Date: Sun Dec 10 12:47:39 EST 2006

Chris Stephenson <cs at ...> writes:

> Depends what you mean by a workstation. Is it an x86 PC? Or something
> more exotic?
> Here we teach four courses in Scheme and the entire department is 100%
> Linux.
> For stability, and reliability we use Debian on almost all our machines
> in the University (except firewalls routers etc which run some version
> of FreeBSD or OpenBSD)

I'm glad to here that it runs well under Debian, since I've heard good things 
about that particular distro.  

As for the workstation, I'm probably looking for something like my current XP 
box, which is a dual Xeon processor machine with 4gb of memory.  That brings 
up another good point about Debian.  Except for Red Hat Enterprise ed. I was 
hard pressed to find vendors of workstations that offered pre-installed *nix 
distro's other than Debian.  And the Debian boxes came in a bit cheaper, 
because you don't have to license Red Hat's Ent. ed.

I can build an XP box from the ground up, but I just don't want any heart-burn 
over hardware incompatability issues, that with my limited expreience using 
*nix, I'd have trouble solving on my own.  In short, I'm looking for a turn-
key solution on the hardware/os side, so I know the OS should work with the 
box, and any other problems I might have would then be more likely due to my 
ignorance, but at least they would be software problems, which is really by 

Thanks for your feedback,


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