[plt-scheme] In search of Linux compatable with DrScheme

From: Chris Stephenson (cs at cs.bilgi.edu.tr)
Date: Sun Dec 10 10:00:58 EST 2006

Depends what you mean by a workstation. Is it an x86 PC? Or something
more exotic?

Here we teach four courses in Scheme and the entire department is 100%

For stability, and reliability we use Debian on almost all our machines
in the University (except firewalls routers etc which run some version
of FreeBSD or OpenBSD)

For user friendliness and ease of installation we recommend Ubuntu for
use on home machines by staff and students. Ubuntu is Debian derived.
Some of our staff still prefer Debian.

Debian supports more processor types than any other Linux distribution

We have never encountered any significant Linux compatibility problems
with DrScheme. Mostly, it just works.

I guess that if you had an out of the ordinary processor you might end
up having to build from source. I have done that to get the latest
DrScheme version on a couple of occasions in the past and that just
worked, too.

So congratulations to the team!

Chris Stephenson
Istanbul Bilgi University

Kyle Smith wrote:
> I'm going to be purchasing  a workstation dedicated to running a *nix
> flavor.  When I checked last
> there were not too many options for *nix that were listed as
> compatible.  I'm soliciting comments
> from my fellow PLT list readers on  their own experiences with *nix
> installations and DrScheme.
> The only real *nix experience I've had was Sun workstations while in 
> graduate school, which
> was too many years ago to count.
> I'd appreciate any comments and recommendations.
> Thanks,
> --kyle
> Kyle Smith
> airfoil at bellsouth dot net
> schemekeys.blogspot.com
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