[plt-scheme] Difficulty compiling macro-debugger in svn current

From: Ray (rracine at adelphia.net)
Date: Thu Aug 24 20:32:11 EDT 2006

Me too.  First popped up 1 - 2 weeks ago. At first I thought I the build
was "hung" trying to compile the macro-debugger and I killed it.  I did
an absolute clean, removed all .zo's .so's, ./configure and still it
seemed to hang at 100% cpu on the compile.   On my third effort, to make
sure I wasn't doing something silly before I reported the problem, I
happened to take dog out for a walk during the build and returned in
time to see it finally compile.

So the macro-debugger "does" compile eventually, but it takes a ...
really ... long ... time ... to do so.

Now, as they say, for the tricky part.  I've built the latest SVN
release on my work PC and two laptops.  Two of these systems are very
modest.  Laptop is like a 1 ghz, 512 meg on Fedora Core 4 and it
compiles quite quickly.  Work PC not much more horse power also on FC4 -
no problem.

BUT, on my dual 2 ghz, 64 bit Opteron, with 2 gig of memory I can
recompile the kernel thrice over in the time it takes to compile the
macro-debugger module.  Go figure.


On Wed, 2006-08-23 at 21:48 -0600, Evan Farrer wrote:
> I'm on FreeBSD 6-1 and I'm trying to compile PLT scheme from source.  The compile process hangs at:
> setup-plt: No more .zos to compile for HTML
> setup-plt: No more .zos to compile for Launcher
> setup-plt: Compiling .zos used by Lazy Scheme
> setup-plt:   in /usr/local/plt/lib/plt/collects/lazy/
> setup-plt: Compiling .zos used by Macro Debugger expansion model
> setup-plt:   in /usr/local/plt/lib/plt/collects/macro-debugger/model/
> My machine feels slugish, and the harddrive is clicking away..  It's been like this for a few minutes.  A week or so ago I noticed the additon of the macro-debugger and played with it a bit so I assume that it's a fairly recient change that is causing the problem.
> Let me know if I can provide any additional information.
> Evan
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