[plt-scheme] support for sound or interfaces to sound software

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Thu Apr 20 22:43:17 EDT 2006

On Apr 20, Nicholas Chubrich wrote:
> Lee---
> 	I ran into the same problem myself.  There are probably as
> many ways of fixing it as there are ways of diddling with
> permissions on the Macintosh.  One of the simplest is to set up a
> root account (I mean one where you can graphically log in) and then
> run DrScheme from that account.  That way you don't have to change
> any of the permissions.

Using the machine is very bad in terms of security.  Definitely not a
good way to solve this.

> You can of course change the permissions from the Info window (all
> you need to do is open it on the doc directory in collects/ and give
> yourself read and write permission, and apply that to the enclosed
> items.  However for some reason this doesn't quite work as
> advertised---it doesn't break anything, but it may take a few tries.
> If you want to change the permissions, you are probably better off
> doing it from the command line in the usual manner.

In the command line, you should go to the directory, and then run the
command that adds group-write permissions.  This should work (but I
have no OSX to use):

  cd "/Applications/PLT Scheme v301"
  sudo chmod -R g+w .

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