[plt-scheme] support for sound or interfaces to sound software

From: Nicholas Chubrich (chubrich at cs.brandeis.edu)
Date: Thu Apr 20 13:25:17 EDT 2006

> PS I had a hard time finding out about the details of play-sound  
> because that documentation isn't in the default installation, and  
> when I try to install it from the DrScheme "Documentation missing"  
> help desk screen it downloads something but then gives me a  
> permissions error:
> open-output-file: cannot open output file: "/Applications/PLT Scheme  
> v301/collects/doc/mred/mred-Z-H-304.html" (Permission denied; errno=13)
> Anyone know how to get around this?

	I ran into the same problem myself.  There are probably as many 
ways of fixing it as there are ways of diddling with permissions on the 
Macintosh.  One of the simplest is to set up a root account (I mean one 
where you can graphically log in) and then run DrScheme from that account.  
That way you don't have to change any of the permissions.  You can of 
course change the permissions from the Info window (all you need to do is 
open it on the doc directory in collects/ and give yourself read and 
write permission, and apply that to the enclosed items.  However for some 
reason this doesn't quite work as advertised---it doesn't break anything, 
but it may take a few tries.  If you want to change the permissions, you 
are probably better off doing it from the command line in the usual 
	To set up a root account in OS X, use the Netinfo Manager from the 
utilities folder.  Select Security from the Domain menu, and in the 
submenu select Enable Root User.  You will be prompted for a password if 
there's not already one, and from there it should be quite 

--Nick Chubrich.

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