[plt-scheme] processing requests

From: Amar Singh (amar.sg at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Apr 18 17:15:39 EDT 2006

i was trying to build a web application. I've done the following things -
1. built a .ss file that has an X-expression(no procedure definitions) - say
2. Set the action attribute of the form in this X-expression  to another .ss
file ( B.ss, same directory) ; using the the post method
3. created a file say B.ss, to process the request received from First.ss

now, on hitting submit in First.ss, the bindings in that form should be
passed to B.ss ;

1.how do i receive and process the bindings received from First.ss in B.ss?
2.Is there any core procedure that can be used( examples like add.ss etc
deal with 1 scheme file & they extract the bindings from the return value of
send/suspend) & how should i structure B.ss
3. Are there any examples for this

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