[plt-scheme] require: unknown module: #%foreign

From: Kimberly Clark/Mike Messinides (vishmess at yahoo.com)
Date: Sat Apr 8 18:54:10 EDT 2006

I am getting an error when using "create executable"
in DrScheme: 

require: unknown module: #%foreign

No problem when I try (require (lib "foreign.ss"))
interactively. But the executable gives an error.

To reproduce, create a file with the require, create
an executable, and run it.

I'm using version 301 on Windows XP. I get the error
when the chosen language is either Pretty Big or
textual MzScheme.

Any work-arounds for this? I found an archived message
from 2004 that had the same error, although it
appeared that the error was occurring interactively

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