[plt-scheme] embedded web browser vs Apache

From: Matt Jadud (mcj4 at kent.ac.uk)
Date: Tue Sep 27 09:33:39 EDT 2005

It's another webserver; you would run it along with Apache in the same 
way you might run, say, thttpd, or any other webserver for that matter, 
along side Apache. There is configuration you will likely need to do on 
your host, as well as to the respective webservers.

The PLT Web Server documentation deals with this to some degree:


Advantages? Well, you can write servlets in Scheme, and get a robust 
continuation engine to boot. Other than that, you're just as well off 
writing all your CGIs for Apache in C, or perhaps assembly if you really 
want them to run fast...

Kidding! Just kidding!

For advantages and related info, see


And other papers hanging around the PLT group webpages.


Hendrik Boom wrote:
> But ever since I've been wondering -- does the Scheme embedded web
> [server] play nicely with Apache?  or with the HTML files set up to
> be served by Apache?  Can I run this one as well as Apache?  If so,
> how to they apportion the incoming http requests?
> And -- are there advantages to using this one instead of Apache?

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