[plt-scheme] Beginner question about standalone files

From: Matt Jadud (mcj4 at kent.ac.uk)
Date: Tue Sep 20 12:49:06 EDT 2005


You want to look at "Building a Stand-alone Executable" in the "mzc" 
documentation (search for 'mzc' in the Help Desk). Note that for anyone 
to use the program you wrote, they will need to install the "Frameworks" 
(under OS X) or "DLLs" (under Windows), dynamic libraries (under *NIX), 
to execute the program.

The "stand-alone" compilation bundles a bytecode-compiled version of 
your code with MzScheme (command-line) or MrEd (GUI).

The dynamic libraries can be grabbed from


You will need to compile the file separately on each platform (I 
believe), but the same source should run without change on each, unless 
you do something particularly platform specific.


Anders Persson wrote:
> Hi!
> Just found this intressting language,
> but with my lisp and prolog language i have
> a possible to make standalone files.
> The reson for this is that i can easy give
> away my program to people don't have
> scheme installed.
> If som could tell mig (an example how to
> write would be very nice)
> i Use both Windows and Linux system
> and have gcc to both (if this is relevant).
> Best regards
> Anders
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