[plt-scheme] highlighting errors

From: jos koot (jos.koot at tiscali.nl)
Date: Sun Sep 11 09:32:35 EDT 2005

Thanks, your answer is clear.
((((lambda(x)((((((x x)x)x)x)x)x))
   (lambda(x)(lambda(y)(x(x y)))))
  (lambda(x)(write x)x))
 "greetings, Jos")
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> At Sun, 11 Sep 2005 12:58:09 +0200, "jos koot" wrote:
>> When a proc imported from a compiled module (zo-file) , calls error, the
>> form that called the proc is highlighted. When the module is not 
>> compiled,
>> the form is not highlighted. How can this be? Is this intensional?
> By default, compiled files do not include debugging instrumentation, so
> the dynamically closest instrumented expression is highlighted (the
> proc call, in this case).
> When a file is not already compiled, DrScheme adds debugging
> instrumentation as it loads the file, so the call to `error' is
> highlighted.
> In a future version of DrScheme, we expect to provide better control
> over which modules have debugging instrumentation.
> Matthew
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